Still THE levels of Elasto Mania. While the Elma scene has for years been more battle-oriented, internalists are still highly appreciated. Getting WRs, cutting of huge amount of personal total time, what do you value the highest?


Community-created levels are an intergral part of the Elma scene. Every year people release new packs and contests, who fared the best in those this year? NOTE: battles are not included in this!


Who seems to always be playing? Who just keeps winning battles? This award goes to the best battler of the year!


Is there someone whose levels you just love to play? Vote him here.


This is quite a new category, replacing the old Rookie category. The Breakthrough award goes to someone who has made great strides in becoming better in one of three following categories: internals, battles/externals or designing.


Each year it gets harder to get an internal world record. Getting an internal world record is one of the biggest feats in Elasto Mania. While all world records are always impressive, which one do you think is the best?


What replay was the most sick, slesk, impsy rec you've seen this this year?

Battle replay

The best replay made during a battle in EOL.


This category needs both imagination and the skills to pull crazy stuff off. Styles you couldn't even think of, or think they're possible to execute. Which is the coolest?


This category was introduced last year. Saveloading has become a pretty big part of the Elma scene, and this category is all things SL; replays, styles, contributions.


While it's becoming harder and harder to single out great levels in this age, with thousands and thousands of battles per year, there still are some levels that stand out. Some are battles, some are pack levels, some are contest level. Which one did you like the most?


Elma has always been a somewhat contest-oriented game. People always figure out new ways of making players compete against each other. What was the best contest this year?


This award is for those who make strides to make the community better, whether it the making programs, having contests or arranging meets. These people are what keep Elma running!


Every year there are some absolutely mind-boggling feats that players do. Which one do you appreciate the most?


There has always been creative people in the scene, making pictures, videos, music and artistic levels. This award goes to the coolest art of the year!


Includes any type of collaboration between kuskis, whether within a team or not, such as cooperation in cups or contests, cooperative level making or cup organisation, or joint saveload work.

Juror's choice

This is a special award decided by the jury, for whoever the jury deems worthy for whatever reasons.