What is GAA?

The Golden Apple Awards is a yearly award show in the Elma scene, dedicated to recognize the best of the best of the past year in various different categories. The show is arranged by a volunteer jury consisting of active and trusted members of the scene. This year's jury is: roope, Markku, Ruben, Sla and adi. The results are announced in the final show, held on IRC channel. #gaa. The winners usually have speeches at hand for the audience that are celebrating them.

GAA is around the corner again!

After last year's big overhaul, this year we have settled down and will go with the same format as last year for the most part. The biggest change happened in the jury: Bludek, bene, Finman, Lousku and niN left, and Ruben, Sla and adi came in.

At this moment, the First Step is open; you can suggest whoever you think is worthy of a nomination in Mopolauta. This isn't mandatory, but helps the jury a great deal! The deadline for First Step is the end of the year. You can see other deadlines in the Instructions page.

The final show will be held on Sunday 19th of February, 20:00 EET (GMT+2).